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  1. Jenny

    This looks so yummy Camilla!

    Have a great week! Happy St Patty’s Day and Have a great Easter Sunday!

  2. CamillaCooks

    Hey Lauren, welcome!

    The powdered milk is added to bars to up the nutrition (especially the calcium and protein). But you could leave it out if you like. You could also use a soy protein powder, too. You definitely do not want to add regular milk to the recipe; the liquid would leave you with a bowl full of mush instead of a crispy bar :).

    As for the pumpkin recipes; pumpkin is so nutritious (it’s on almost all the “superfood” lists–plus it’s cheap and readily available). You won’t taste it in the black bean soup at all; it just adds richness and complexity (adn all that nutrition). The smoothie is a different story; it’s very pumpkin-y. So if you don’t like pumpkin flavor, you might want to skip it.

    Hope that helps!



  3. CamillaCooks

    Hi Michelle!

    The broths I use most often are the Swanson certified organic broths. They make chicken, vegetable and beef broths. According to the labels (and I checked again online), they are lower sodium than most broths and contain no MSG (also, the beef and chicken broths ar made with hormone-free beef and chicken). I’ve found the flavor very good for all three. Here’s the link to the webpage:



  4. Lauren

    Hi, I just discovered your blog and was going through some of the recipes- all the food looks so good! I can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

    Two questions on previous recipes of yours. In your no bake granola bar why do you use powdered milk instead of milk? Actually, I never heard of using milk in granola bars. Would yogurt work in a bar recipe or would that curdle?

    Also, in your pumpkin smoothie recipe and black bean soup with pumpkin can you taste the pumpkin or is it something that just volume and thickness? I am not that big of pumpkin flavor person. Thanks!

  5. Michelle

    Do you have a brand of low sodium chicken broth and vegetable broth that you recommend? I have read recently that msg is hidden ingredient in many soup broths and often called natural flavors. The soup broths I have been buying are the “natural” brands (imagine, pacific, kitchen basics), but these still contain msg in hidden form. Thanks!

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