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Vegan Strawberry Cashew Smoothie {no added sugar}

My vegan strawberry cashew smoothie is a portable, potable breakfast that is equally satisfying, nourishing, and delicious. It is vegan, Paleo, and has no added sugar. A Nourishing Smoothie, Made with Cashews Smoothies have come a long way since they first appeared in health magazines. Many included invariable combinations of orange juice, fruit-sweetened yogurt and …

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Oat-Almond-Banana Workout Recovery Drink

I hope this post finds everyone happy and well! Too often, New Year’s resolutions feel like cruel tricks: exercise in the snow? Salads in mid-winter? Closet organization with a headcold? Crawling under the covers with a beloved book, hot cocoa on the bedside table, has so much more immediate appeal. So give yourself permission to rest this month, …

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Green Pea Citrus Smoothie {vegan}

Fresh, fruity frozen green pea citrus smoothie! It is a healthy, convenient, naturally vegan, and delicious option made with mango and citrus. Did I grab your attention with my title post? Good! Because I am confident that I can convince you of the delicious and healthy possibilities of adding humble, yet mighty, green peas to …

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