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Muhammara (paleo+glutenfree+vegan)

You need easy food. I need easy food. We both want easy food that is also darn delicious and available for immediate eating, whether as a nibble or as part of a meal. We both need muhammara. I consider muhammara–along with hummus and other easy, healthy spreads–a food staple throughout the summer. Strike that–I make …

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Artichoke Heart Hummus {No Beans, No Tahini}

Creamy and healthy artichoke heart hummus, made without beans and tahini!. It is vegan paleo, and bright with the flavors of lemon and roasted almonds. Hummus Made with Artichoke Hearts Instead of Beans As promised in yesterday’s post for Grain-Free Artichoke Spinach Dip Muffins, I am offering an even simpler option for artichoke hearts (following …

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