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Stuffed Breakfast Sweet Potatoes {Vegan, 4 ingredients)

Stuffed breakfast sweet potatoes–the perfect morning meal! This 4-ingredient breakfast is fast (prepare the sweet potatoes in the microwave), delicious, and super-nourishing, all in one fell swoop. Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: An Ideal Breakfast on the Go Have sweet potato, will travel. It’s one of my on-the-road solutions for a portable, power breakfast on the road. …

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Jeweled Cauliflower Rice {vegan, grain-free}

Jeweled cauliflower rice is a side dish everyone can love! Based on Persian and North African rice & couscous dishes, it is vegan, grain-free, gluten-free & Paleo. A Delicious & Healthy Side-Dish For All Picking sides is inevitable at holiday gatherings. Some choices may lead to joy and cheer; others may bring annoyance, grumpiness and …

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No-Bake Trail Mix Bars {more protein, less sugar}

Looking for a homemade granola bar with less sugar and more protein? My no-bake trail mix bars are exactly what you’re looking for! They are easy-to-make, vegan and gluten-free, too. Homemade Energy Bars: A Great Easy-to-Make Snack In case any question remains, I love power bars: energy bars, granola bars, protein bars, bars Bars BARS! …

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Amaranth, Almond & Pear Energy Balls {V+GF}

If you love granola bars and baked oatmeal, then I am confident you will gobble up these amaranth, almond and pear energy balls, which are yet another way to eat your cereal on the go, sans spoon! They require no baking, a short list of ingredients, and, in addition to breakfast, are an ideal snack (think energy boost …

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