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pea radish salad 2

Peas and mint can convey spring, but this salad is my idea of a super-simple, late autumn to early winter salad.

Much as I enjoy tender greens and lettuces, they lose their appeal when it’s chilly outside. But I still want some fresh vegetable flavor and crunch to brighten everyday lunches and dinners. Enter in peas and radishes.

The toothsome-ness of the sweet, tender peas, together with the crisp bite of the peppery radishes in this humble mix is terrific alongside cold weather fare, and with the addition of goat cheese, it is also makes a satisfying and filling lunch.

I admit that the convenience of this salad also carries tremendous sway for me. Radishes last for at least a week in the refrigerator (easy) and frozen baby peas are ready-to-use for months of quick recipes. You can swap in (or out) different herbs depending on what you have on hand. I choose mint and chives because they are stilling growing skyward in my garden (“chilly” in Texas is considered warm just about everywhere else).

And in case you are wondering if frozen peas have much nutrition, the answer is a resounding “yes!” Peas are rich in immune-supportive vitamin C, bone-building vitamin K and manganese, heart-healthy dietary fiber and folate, and energy-producing thiamin (vitamin B1). Dig in!

chives mint cheese

pea radish salad 1

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