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Easy No-Roll Oat Crackers (Oil-free, Vegan, GF)

Easy no-roll oat crackers, made in the blender! Made with 3 ingredients, these delicious snacks are oil-free, gluten-free, vegan, and are both crisp and hearty. Blend, pour & bake!

overhead shot of vegan no-rolloat crackers in a white ramekin

Pour & Spread Oat Crackers

I am holding to this simple truth: Crackers should always be quick and simple to prepare.

No one–I mean NO ONE–wants a fussy cracker recipe. I am not keen on fussy recipes in general, but snack foods, in particular, must be convenient and delicious to warrant the effort. I can always default to carrots and hummus.

These easy, no-roll oat crackers are 100% worth making.

Forget chilling and rolling cracker dough (umm, no). My no-roll oat crackers are made by blending a fuss-free batter. Then it is as easy as pour, spread and bake.

In well under an hour, and almost no active time, you will have a heap of toasty crackers that will delight you. Make that thrill, if your affection for crackers and other crunchy snacks rivals mine.

close up of white ramekin filled with no-roll oat crackers

Recipe Benefits

Here is what you need to know regarding the healthy goodness of these crackers. They are:

  • Made with 3 ingredients (plus water & optional salt)
  • Vegan (egg-free & dairy-free)
  • Gluten-free
  • Oil-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Frugal
  • Quick & easy to make in a blender
  • Require no rolling
  • Customizable (add in or top with extra ingredients in countless ways)

Ingredients for the Crackers

The exact amounts of each ingredient are indicated in the recipe card at the end of the post.

In addition to an easy-breezy, no-fuss preparation, these crackers can be made with ingredients you most likely have on hand.

You will need:

You will also need regular tap water. I recommend adding salt, as well (I’ve given specific amount recommendations in the recipe card, below), but it is entirely optional/adjustable.

overhead shot of ingredients for vegan no roll oat crackers, set out in glass bowls

Use Almost Any Nuts or Seeds

Oats are the majority ingredient in these crackers. The second primary ingredient is nuts or seeds, of your choosing. Nuts/seeds add crispness and crunch to the crackers despite the absence of oil in the recipe.They also add toasty flavor.

overhead photo of a variety of nuts and seeds on a marble background

Walnuts, pecans, pepitas, peanuts, almonds, cashews, sunflower seed kernels, you name it, you can use whatever you like, or have on hand, in these crackers!

The recipe requires a mere 60 grams (2.2 ounces) of the nuts or seeds of your choice. Sixty grams of larger nuts (e.g., walnuts, pecans, whole cashews) will measure about 1/2 cup. The same weight (60 grams) of smaller nuts and seeds (e.g., pepitas, sunflower seeds, chopped nuts) will measure just over 1/3 cup.

The best (and most consistent results) for these crackers can be achieved by weighing the nuts or seeds with a digital kitchen scale. It is one of my favorite, and most-used, baking tools.

Step by Step Instructions

Amazing crackers, straight ahead!

Step One: Preheat the Oven & Prep a Baking Sheet

Preheat the oven to 350F (180C). Spray a large, rimmed baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray.

The large baking sheet I use (day in and day out) is a standard half sheet pan, which is a heavy pan measuring 18 x 13 inches (45 x 32.5 cm).

If your pan is smaller than a half sheet pan, your crackers will be thicker and will need a longer bake. If needed, divide the batter into several smaller metal pans (e.g., cake pans, square pans).

Step Two: Make the Cracker Batter

In a blender, process the the oats, nuts or seeds, water, baking powder, and optional salt on high speed until blended and mostly smooth. Scrape down the sides of the blender container and blend for several seconds longer.

blender filled with the batter for easy oat crackers

The batter will look like a thick pancake batter (it should fall off a spoon). If it is any thicker than that, add a little but more water until the batter is a thick, but still pourable, consistency.

closeup of a spoonful oft cracker batter above a blender full of batter

Step Three: Spread the Oat Cracker Batter

Pour all of the oat cracker batter onto the prepared baking sheet. Use a spatula to spread the batter into an even layer that covers the entire baking sheet.

An offset spatula works especially well for spreading the batter. if you have one, use it. Otherwise, a regular silicone spatula, or even the back of a large spoon, will do the job. The main point is this: it is very simple to spread the batter.

I also lift and tilt the baking sheet once I have spread most of the batter. It evens things out, and helps to get the batter into all of the nooks and crannies, with ease.

offset spatula spreading cracker batter onto a half baking sheet

Step Four: Bake for 10 Minutes

Bake the crackers in the preheated oven for 10 minutes. This gives the batter a chance to set into the beginning semblance of crackers. Prior to this point, I’ve had you create little more than a raw, runny porridge 😊.

Remove the baking sheet from the oven (keep the oven on). Using a knife (it does not need to be a sharp knife), cut the crackers into squares (or whatever shape you desire). I cut mine about the size of wheat thins (12 x 9 rows for 108 crackers).

In the photo below, I am using a pastry scraper to cut the crackers since I can hold it upright to cut. A plastic bread bowl scraper also works great.

The crackers are very easy to cut through. They are light and tender, so cutting the shapes only takes a moment. Don’t you dare worry about getting the shapes perfectly sized. Irregularity demonstrates that these were made, by you, which is a wonderful thing!

crackers being cut with a pastry scraper

Step Five: Return Crackers to the Oven

Return the cut crackers to the oven and bake for another 30 to 35 minutes until light golden brown and crispy (they will look dry, and also feel firm to the touch). The crackers will pull away from each other as they bake (and the water evaporates).

The crackers on the outer edge of the sheet pan tend to brown more quickly than the crackers towards the center. Remove the crackers that are already golden brown and crisp to a cooling rack. If any crackers need an additional few minutes of baking, keep them on the baking sheet and return to the oven until they are similarly crisp and golden brown.

overhead shot of no-roll oat crackers on a baking sheet shortly after coming out of the oven

Step Six: Cool the Oat Crackers

Transfer all of the baked oat crackers to a cooling rack and cool completely.

Good news: the crackers cool quickly, so sampling can begin posthaste!

a single vegan oat cracker held in someone's fingertips

Taste & Texture of Easy No-Roll Oat Crackers

The flavor of the crackers will vary slightly depending on the seeds or nuts used to make them. Overall, they have a toasty, nutty flavor that is as satisfying plain as it is dipped into hummus, nut butter, or anything else on hand that is dip-worthy (is it weird that I have dipped these into jam?).

I even dipped a few crackers in melted dark chocolate ( a half dip). I placed them on a plate lined with wax paper and refrigerated until cold. Totally. Crazy. Delicious.

The texture of these easy no-roll oat crackers is sturdy but crisp-tender. Very much like wheat thins crackers (for those of you in North America), but a bit thicker, and well, better :).

small white bowl filled with oat crackers


Can I Flavor the Easy No-Roll Oat Crackers?


Add Flavors to the Batter

Add your favorite herbs or spices directly to the batter when blending. About 1 to 1 and 1/2 teaspoons for most herbs and spices, for this quantity of batter, is a good general guesstimate.

Consider adding wet flavor enhancers, as well. For example, replace 1 or 2 tablespoons of the water with tomato paste or add a squirt of sriracha (or other favorite hot sauce).

Add Toppings

You can also sprinkle toppings directly onto the batter after it has been spread out on the baking sheet. Some ideas include:

  • sesame seeds
  • poppy seeds
  • everything bagel topping
  • flaky sea salt
  • cracked black pepper
  • And so much more…

Can These Be Made into Bigger Crackers?

Yes! You can cut the crackers any shape you like, and that includes cutting them into bigger sizes. The baking time stays about the same, so begin checking at the 30 minute mark on the second bake.

How Should the Easy No-Roll Oat Crackers be stored?

Store the cooled crackers in an airtight container at cool room temperature for 5 days, the refrigerator for 2 weeks or the freezer for up to 6 months. They stay crisp!

Is there a Way to Make These Even Crispier?

Yes! If you eat oil, you can replace some of the water with the neutral oil (e.g., avocado oil, olive oil, safflower oil) of your choice. For every tablespoon of oil, reduce the water by 1 tablespoon.

Can I Use Roasted Nuts or Seeds?

Yes! I made these with some roasted, salted peanuts and they were soooooooo good! Even if you are starting with raw nuts or seeds, consider toasting them before blending them into the batter. It will greatly enhance the flavor of the crackers!

If the nuts or seeds are salted, consider decreasing the total amount of added salt in the cracker batter (if you are choosing to add salt).

There is no need to cool the nuts/seeds before blending the batter.

Tip: Toast the nuts or seeds on a baking sheet while the oven preheats. Spread the nuts/seeds in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet and toast away. It will take about the same amount of time as preheating the oven to toast the nuts/seeds, but stay nearby and check early (especially with smaller seeds or chopped nuts).

Can I Omit the Nuts/Seeds and Replace with More Oats?

In theory, this could still work. Would the crackers taste good? I’m not so sure. I have not tried this but I am guessing the results would be more like hard tack (think durability for a long sea voyage) than a tasty, crispy snack.

I love to be proved wrong, so if you try this, and it is good (or even good-ish), let me know!

Can I Use a Food Processor Instead of a Blender?

Yes, you can. A blender will create a smoother batter (especially when using harder nuts or seeds), but a food processor still does the job.

Happy baking, and snacking, friends!

Yield: 108 one inch crackers

Easy No-Roll Oat Crackers (Oil-free, Vegan, GF)

overhead shot of vegan no-rolloat crackers in a white ramekin

Easy no-roll oat crackers, made in the blender! Crisp and hearty, these delicious snacks are oil-free, gluten-free, vegan, and made with 3 ingredients (plus water & optional salt).

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes


  • 1 and 3/4 cups (175 g) rolled oats, certified GF as needed
  • 1 and 1/2 cups (355 mL) water
  • 60 grams nuts or seeds of choice (see notes; this will be between 1/3 to 1/2 cup)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • Optional: 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon salt


    1. Preheat the oven to 350F (180C). Spray a large rimmed baking sheet (I used an 18x13 inch half sheet pan) with nonstick cooking srpay.
    2. In a blender, process the oats, water, nuts or seeds, baking powder, and optional salt until completley smooth. Scrape down the sides of the container and blend again.
    3. Pour the batter onto the prepared baking sheet. Spread with a spatula into an even layer (lift and tilt the pan for even and complete coverage).
    4. Bake in the preheated oven for 10 minutes.
    5. Remove the baking sheet from the oven; using a knife or pastry scraper, cut the crackers into small squares (I cut into 12x9 rows, 108 crackers).
    6. Return the cut crackers to the oven and bake for another 30 to 35 minutes until light golden brown and crispy (they will look dry, and also feel firm to the touch).
    7. Remove all the crackers that look done. If any crackers (towards the middle) need additional baking, keep them on the baking sheet and return to the oven for several more minutes until the crackers are crisp.
    8. Completely cool the crackers on a cooling rack.


Storage: Store the cooled crackers in an airtight container at cool room temperature for 5 days, the refrigerator for 2 weeks or the freezer for up to 6 months. They stay crisp!

Nut & Seed Suggestions: Use any nuts or seeds you prefer! For aexample, walnuts, pecans, pepitas, peanuts, almonds, cashews or sunflower seed kernels. Toasted or roasted nuts can also be used. If they are salted, consider decreasing the total amount of added salt, if using salt.

Flavor variations: See the FAQ section in the post for ideas for adding herbs and spices to the batter, or sprinkling on toppings before baking.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size

12 crackers

Amount Per Serving Calories 112Total Fat 4gSaturated Fat 1gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 3gCholesterol 0mgSodium 98mgCarbohydrates 15gFiber 2gSugar 1gProtein 4g

These calculations were based on using raw cashews in the batter and not adding salt (since it is optional). Further the serving size is based on 12 crackers after the crackers are cut into 9 rows by 12 rows, yield 108 1-inch (2.5 cm) crackers (the crackers shrink to just over 1 inch as they bake).

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Tuesday 30th of August 2022

can we use almond flour instead of raw nuts?

Thank you for amaaaazing recipes always!!


Friday 2nd of September 2022

Hi Kao! Yes, you should be able to use the same weight of almond flour in place of the nuts or seeds :) Thank you so much, I am so glad you are enjoying the recipe!


Friday 19th of August 2022

I added carrots, squash, and a bit of kale to the water portion of this recipe and a bit of olive oil. They were great. Thanks for creating these gluten free crackers. I have previously tried making crackers and this is the best.


Friday 2nd of September 2022

Ooh, those additions sound smashing, Catherine! I am so happy that you are enjoying these (hooray for cheap and easy crackers!)


Tuesday 16th of August 2022

Would these work without the nuts or seeds?


Friday 2nd of September 2022

Hi Laura, The nuts/seed are what provide the fat for the crackers, so that they are crispy and light. They also add structure to the crackers (the protein and fiber content in the nuts and seeds). You could try replacing the nuts/seeds with an equal volume of oats and then replacing some of the water with several tablespoons of oil (but it would be an experiment; I am not sure it would work).


Tuesday 9th of August 2022

I just made a batch of these crackers and they tasted great! I poured half in a pan and then added tomato paste and some thyme to the remaining half and baked both together. I am enjoying them now! Thank you for this!


Thursday 18th of August 2022

Ooh, that's outstanding Katrina! I love that you made two crackers from the same batch. So happy you like them!


Saturday 16th of July 2022


I’m on a no oil diet. What can I use to spray the pan with before baking?


Tuesday 19th of July 2022

Hi Jay! You can use a piece of parchment paper that cover the bottom of the pan. It will look wet and weird when you first pour on the batter (I have tried it with paper), and you can't just lift and tilt the pan to help spread the batter (the paper will slide with it 😊), but it works fine in the end! I did not include it because it was pretty fussy, but it works just fine :)

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