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3-Ingredient Coconut Flour Hunger Buster {vegan, keto}

Feel full for HOURS with my easy 3-ingredient coconut flour hunger buster recipe! It is vegan, keto & made w/ coconut flour, yogurt (nondairy or dairy) & milk (nondairy or dairy).

Today’s post is more solution than recipe. But it is one that works so well for me, I decided I had to share.

The problem? Sometimes I need a serious hunger buster.

I need a hunger buster for all kinds of situations. For example:

(1) It’s a regular day, and despite eating a hearty breakfast, or lunch, and/or snacks, I’m still RAVENOUS soon after.
(2) I’m traveling, stuck in a meeting, or trying to stay focused on a project, and don’t want to feel the need to eat again for a few hours.
(3) I’m trying to shed a few pounds and need a snack that will both nourish and fill me up, to keep me on track with my goals.

Do any or all of these sound familiar? If so, you might want to try my Coconut Flour Hunger Buster. It is delicious, nutritious, and low in calories. It can be made to suit a wide range of diets, including ketogenic, vegan, and Paleo.

Best of all, it busts hunger for hours.

This very humble recipe has 3 ingredients and takes about 1 minute to stir together. I know, score one already.

To make it, you will need a 5.3 ounce container of yogurt. You can use a dairy Greek yogurt, or any number of yogurt alternatives, including options made from almond milk or coconut milk. If you have a larger container of yogurt, you will need approximately 2/3 cup (150 mL).

To keep things simple, opt for a pre-sweetened yogurt. If using a plain yogurt, simply add the sweetener of your choice. If following a keto diet, use a ketogenic-friendly sweetener (liquid or granular).

The second ingredient is also the wonder ingredient: coconut flour. A byproduct of coconut milk production, it is fine textured, faintly sweet, and naturally gluten-free.

Coconut flour is also very high in fiber, yet has a very low effect on blood sugar levels. That’s a fantastic combination for a hunger busting snack, and even more so when combined with yogurt (and the remaining option. Spoiler alert: it’s milk, nondairy or dairy).

It is so much easier to feel satisfied and energized when your blood sugar is balanced. Eating snacks like this one, with a high amount of fiber from the coconut flour, along with some protein and a bit of fat, helps to stabilize blood sugar, resulting in consistent energy throughout the day. YES. I so very much need that. A snack like this will also minimize insulin spikes (e.g., that I am so hungry I could eat my purse feeling), which can throw even the best intentioned eating plans straight out of the window.

Coconut flour is extremely absorbent, so when mixed with liquid it expands. A lot! Which is why there is one more ingredient in my recipe: the aforementioned nondairy or dairy milk.

Start with 3 tablespoons, which will create a very thick mix, and add more as desired, to achieve the consistency you like.

I strongly advise mixing the ingredients in a bowl, as opposed to the yogurt cup. It’s (marginally) possible to use the cup, but it will be a crazy mess as you stir it up :). I prefer to avoid adding more crazy messes to my day, if possible.

Mix with a spoon until completely combined and no lumps (from the coconut flour) remain. The mixture will begin to thicken immediately. Let the mixture stand for about three minutes to thicken further.

Alternatively, mix everything far ahead of time. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Much like overnight oats, it will become very firm. As in, stand-a-spoon-straight-up-in-the-bowl firm!

That’s it! The added thickness and volume from the coconut flour and milk makes this a snack (or mini meal) to savor. Be sure to drink some water, too, to balance the tremendous amount of fiber in the coconut flour.

As you can imagine, flavorings and toppings of all kinds can be added to this simple mix. One of favorite combinations is vanilla yogurt (any variety) with a tiny drop of almond extract mixed in; it reminds me of the filling of an almond joy.

A few summer berries is always a win, too.

This little snack has helped me stay focused, and on track with my eating, more times than I can count.. I hope that it brings some sweet satisfaction to you, too!

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Yield: 1 serving

3-Ingredient Coconut Flour Hunger Buster {vegan, keto}

3-Ingredient Coconut Flour Hunger Buster {vegan, keto}

Feel full for HOURS with my easy 3-ingredient coconut flour hunger buster recipe! It is vegan, keto & made w/ coconut flour, yogurt (nondairy or dairy) & milk (nondairy or dairy).

Prep Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute


  • 1 5.3 ounce (150 g) container yogurt or yogurt alternative (see notes for details)
  • 3 tablespoons (45 mL) milk (nondairy or dairy)
  • 2 tablespoons (14 g) coconut flour


  1. In a bowl, stir together all of the ingredients until blended and smooth.
  2. Let the mixture stand for at least 3 minutes to thicken. Alternatively, mix ahead of time, cover, and refrigerate until ready to serve.
  3. Adjust the thickness according to your preference by adding more milk or coconut flour.


Nutrition Note: The nutrition will vary significantly depending on the type of yogurt used, as well as the sweetener.

Make-Ahead and Storage: The recipe can be made up to two days in advance. Tighty cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Yogurt Options: Use any 5.3 ounce (150 g) container of yogurt, or roughly 2/3 cup (150 mL) yogurt. Greek-style yogurt will produce an especially thick mix. To make the recipe Paleo and/or Vegan, use a yogurt alternative (my preference is almond milk or coconut milk options). If using a plain yogurt, add the sweetener of your choice, to taste.

Keto Option: Use plain Greek yogurt and add a ketogenic-friendly sweetener to taste.

Nutrition Information

Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 100200Total Fat 0gSaturated Fat 0gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 0gCholesterol 0mgSodium 0mgCarbohydrates 0gFiber 6.3gSugar 0gProtein 320g

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Monday 26th of July 2021

This is awesome! I added whey vanilla one carb protein powder, but not next time. Was yummy too but that could be a separate snack in water. Not really needed in this recipe. So excellent as it is!


Wednesday 7th of April 2021

This is so helpful and versatile. Thank you!


Wednesday 3rd of March 2021

This tasted really chalky to me. I’m going to try mixing the night before and having it sit, but is that the normal taste? I guess I was expecting it to taste like yogurt still.


Friday 11th of September 2020

So glad I found this! I drizzled it with a little honey. Recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes so this is perfect to keep the junk food demons away. 😈❤👍


Friday 18th of September 2020

Yay!!! I know what you mean re: the junk food demons, J.C. :)

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